The Life Of A St Lucian

Hippopotamus enjoying the cool waters of the St Lucia Estuary
Hippopotamus enjoying the cool waters of the St Lucia Estuary

St Lucia truly is a miraculous place that is home to a diverse range of creatures. For instance on an early morning walk you are most certain to come across a troop of monkeys or some mongoose scurrying about. It is also home to a variety of birds that you can often hear the distinct callings of the Fish Eagles and sometimes the beautiful sounds of the Loerie. At our resort, Perna Perna St Lucia we offer you peace and quiet and a chance to get back in touch with nature where you can view the rich bird life from your balcony or private patio. Each duplex within the resort is self-catering and fully equipped with the necessary cutlery for a holiday in St Lucia.

A one hour drive from Perna Perna St Lucia, will take you to the famous Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve. Your family can spend an exciting day in the park, searching for the big 5, have lunch at the Hilltop Camp. When returning to the resort, ensure you keep a look out for a particular animal that likes to roam the streets at night. The only clues they seem leave behind are their muddy paw prints on the tar roads. What could this be?

Well if you haven’t heard, here in St Lucia we get occasional visits from the local Hippos. In the streets? Yes, as the sun sets these giants make their way from the estuary into the town for supper. They will feed all through the night until sunset before they go back into the water to lounge and wait for their next feast. Despite their size these grey giants are so well camouflaged and walk so quietly you can easily miss them! So keep an eye out should you wander at night you might have company. If you would like to see these magnificent creatures up close and personal then you can book yourself a ticket and take a trip on the Hippo and Croc Boat Cruise.

Hippopotamus roaming the streets
Hippopotamus roaming the streets

Interesting Facts About Hippopotamus

  1. The name “Hippopotamus” means ‘River Horse’.
  2. Hippos are considered the third largest land mammals
  3. A group of Hippos is known as a ‘herd’ or a ‘bloat’.
  4. Hippopotamuses give birth in water.
  5. Resting in water helps keep the Hippopotamuses temperatures down.

This is a boat cruise that sails along the St Lucia Estuary where you get a chance to see the Hippos and Crocodiles. For every holiday that we take it’s always a good idea to get a souvenir that will serve as a remembrance of an awesome trip you took to St Lucia. Along McKenzie Street the shops have hand crafted pieces of Zulu art that you can display in your homes and other holiday souvenirs.

Are you ready to see this paradise?

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