Fred First Is Savings Lives And Giving Back To The Community

Fred First
Fred First

Resort mascot, Fred First has been a busy bird this month. He was spotted at the Lakeview Cabanas resort helping the South African National Blood Service promote the donation of blood to the local residents and guests. Fred spent the afternoon with the staff and donors giving them words of encouragement and cracking a joke or two which made the afternoon absolutely lovely!

Giving blood at Lakeview Cabanas
Giving blood at Lakeview Cabanas

The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) is a non – profit organisation that has a key purpose to save patients’ lives. Blood has become an essential element in treatment of serious diseases such as Cancer. Therefore it is important that the organisation has enough blood supply ready and available to distribute. The four major blood groups are O, A, B and AB although group O is the most common and is always in demand all  blood group donations will be greatly appreciated and will save a life. If you would like to become a regular donor you are welcome to visit their webpage which will provide you with all the pre-donation tips and guide you through the process of becoming a donor.

The  residents at the retirement home taking photo's with Fred First
The residents at the retirement home taking photo’s with Fred First

Giving back to community is one of the things that Fred loves to do the most! Danny Fisher, The Ballito Rotary Club and the staff of La Montagne decided to visit the Westbrook Retirement Village. The afternoon was filled with nothing, but fun and sweet tunes from our lovely Danny Fisher who sang to the elderly. They also had an opportunity to take a photo with our friendly blue bird, Fred First. The residents of the Westbrook Retirement Village were also treated to a lovely evening at the Pumpkin Theatre where they were wined and dined by the La Montagne team.

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