Magalies Park Is Going Green This Month

Another beautiful sunrise at Magalies Park
Another beautiful sunrise at Magalies Park

Not so long ago Magalies Park was awarded Best Resort Of The Year in the North West Province. Since then the resort has decided to take it one step further and dedicate the month of March on all their going green initiatives. Every week the resort will be positing exciting activities that the Facebook fans can try out at home using there recycled goods. Magalies Park will also be telling us about the various initiatives that they have implemented in the resort that contributes towards them making an environmental difference.

Magalies Park made a conscious decision to create awareness about the importance of recycling.  There are about three reasons that should cause a person to want to reutilize their goods. Firstly recycling helps to reduce the greenhouse gases. Secondly it also reduces the level of pollution and litter in our society and last, but not least recycling allows for us to control the dangers that global climate change can bring.

The list below will give you an idea and some insight information about some of the projects that they have at the resort:

Bat Hotel Initiative

  • The bats were finding the chalets to be a cosy place to settle. Instead we decided to offer them an alternative in the form of the bat hotel.
The Bat Hotel
The Bat Hotel

Magalies Bees Project

  • The bees at the resort were beginning to become a problem around the restaurant and swimming pool area. We decided to introduce 5 colonies of bees on a secluded spot close to the water. After about 3 – a months the bee keeper came to extract the first batch of honey. The bees fell involve with the “wit stinkhout”, which have abundance of, from which they make honey from.
  • Magalies Park established a herb garden to be used by the restaurant.

 Wood Chipping Project

  • It use to cost the resort a huge amount of money every month to provide a complimentary bag of wood per chalet in the winter, last year we were able to provide this gesture without spending a cent as we used dead trees, branches and trimmings to provide a basket of wood per chalet. All the small branches are chipped and this is put back into gardens and beds to maintain moist and eventually rot away as compost.

Recycling Arts and Crafts

  • We like to encourage our entertainment team to explore the use of recycling objects to build of make crafts with our guests.

“I often found that when I asked people what they thought about recycling and what was their contribution they would shy away. There is so much that is said about recycling and going green, but I found that not much was being done. If people could understand and see how much recycling can help our environment then they would take action. If we all made a small contribution towards recycling in the end it will make a huge difference to the world,” says Muis Lombard, Magalies Park Resort Manager.

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