Resorts That Are Changing Lives With Their Linen Donations

The sunset from Sodwana Bay Lodge
The sunset from Sodwana Bay Lodge

Over the past week we have had three of our resorts make linen donations to crèches and homes that are in desperate need of assistance.  On Thursday, 6th of March The Sodwana Bay Lodge and Dive Resort made a huge linen donation to five crèches situated in the following areas Esipahleni, Ezinqeni, Endlondweni and Mbazawana. They have also made a generous donation to the Peter Pan Crèche to assist them during the winter months which are around the corner.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to help the community. The best part of helping the community is when you get letters of thanks from the organizations and homes that have benefited from our donation and how grateful they are for what they have received. It just shows that a little can go a long way,” says Herman Combrink, Sodwana Bay Lodge Resort Manager.

Resort Mascot, Fred First and Knysna Chalets Staff
Resort Mascot, Fred First and Knysna Chalets Staff

On Friday, 7th of March Resort Mascot, Fred First and staff of the Knysna Chalets Resort decided to visit Epilepsy SA and donate some linen to the home.  The visit to Epilepsy SA consisted of some dancing with Fred and some laughter with the elderly citizens. Sannette Zeelie, Resort Manager of Knysna Chalets would like to implement an initiative whereby the things that the elderly make at the home can be sold at the resort so that the home can get extra money.

Our third resort decided to show their support for the community by hosting the Managing Director and Social Worker of the Sacred Heart Children’s Home, Sister Cele. She spent most of her stay planning programmes and budgets to present to the board, but before her departure Resort Manager, Petra Meyer and her team took the opportunity to wish her well and to also take with her some linen that can be used at the home.

Sister Cele and the La Cote d'Azure staff
Sister Cele and the La Cote d’Azure staff

The Sacred Heart Children’s Home is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that was established in 1962. The primary mission of the home is to take care of the children spiritually, academically, physically and psychologically. Due to the fact that this is an NGO and it relies heavily on funds from the Department of Social Development to cover the basic needs of the children. The home is still in need of additional funds that will take care of the other expenses that the home incurs therefore any donation towards the home such as the linen would be greatly appreciated.

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