“Ezempilo” Bruntville Mobile Clinic Visits The Midlands Saddle and Trout Resort


Midlands Saddle and Trout had their monthly visit from the Bruntville Mobile Clinic today. Once a month the staff have their blood pressure, cholesterol and weight checked by the nurses. HIV/AIDS tests are also conducted at these monthly visits; however it is not compulsory for the staff members to have it done. It is their own decision to do so. The monthly visits done by The Bruntville Mobile Clinic allows for the staff to ask any health related questions during their visit and find out what treatment they may need. At first the staff were a bit afraid to make use of the visits, but soon they realised that the nurses were here to help them.  The mobile clinic does not only assist the staff members, but it’s also open to the guests who are here at the resort during the visitation days.


“The Bruntville Mobile Clinic has helped my staff members tremendously to become aware of their health and to also take better care of themselves. The Bruntville Mobile Clinic also distributes porridge supplements to the staff which are very tasty and healthy. I like to keep some of the supplements here at the resort so if any of the staff members have forgotten their lunch at home I am able to assist them especially if they are receiving some form of treatment. My next move is to hopefully be able to have a permanent clinic room here at the resort and a nurse will come once a month to visit,” says Prudence, Midlands Resort Manager.

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