Pamper Yourself This Weekend!

The Palace

Have you been longing for that weekend that you can use to can spoil yourself rotten and treat yourself to a pamper session?

Once in a while we all need some “me time” to relax and unwind. Nowadays we hardly get the chance to pamper ourselves because our lives are far too busy. In between taking the kids to soccer games or cleaning the house “me time” simply does not exist. The first step to pampering yourself is to create an environment of peacefulness and relaxation some soft tunes to set the mood. Thereafter you can begin your pamper process by running yourself a hot bubble bath, lighting some candles and placing them around the bathroom. It’s always a good idea to take a pillow with you so you can use it to rest your head. Massage your neck and if you have an exfoliation brush, use it to remove the dead skin cells off your body.  Once you are feeling fully relaxed and clean get out the bath, dry yourself with a towel and rub some lotion on your skin to make your skin feel nice and smooth. Put on some comfy clothes, open a box of your favourite chocolates and treat yourself to a cup of hot Rooibos tea. While you are indulging yourself in a cup of tea and chocolates you can paint your nails and catch up on some Grey’s Anatomy that you may have missed during the week.

However, some of us prefer to actually get away from our busy lives and pamper ourselves elsewhere perhaps at a resort nearby or a local spa. At First Resorts we like to take care of our guests and make sure that their stay with us is both relaxing and comfortable. Therefore in some of our resorts and hotels there are Cellu-Beauty Wellness spas onsite that offer massages, beauty treatments and everything else that a girl can use to beautify themselves.  So instead of having a pamper session on your own at home you can organize for you and a group of friends to getaway and enjoy yourselves at one of our resort Cellu-Beauty spas.

Now tell me does that not sound like an awesome plan?

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