Hole In The Wall Holiday Village Makes A Donation


The coast line next to Hole in the Wall
The coast line next to Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall Holiday Village made a donation of R484.50 to the Hole in the Wall Horse Project in December. Our generous guests who contributed to our donation box placed at reception made it possible for the resort to contribute towards the project.

The Hole in the Wall Horse Project is a non-profit organization managed by a private owner. The aim of the project is to assist the surrounding community by supplying them with necessary treatment that will help prevent the horses from contracting diseases such as ticks and fleas. They also try to obtain second hand tacks that will be given to the horse owners to use. Previously the horse owners were using broken or homemade tacks which often hurt the horses. Furthermore the locals are mentored by the organization on the correct and appropriate manner to take care of their horses.

All donations that are received by the project will be used towards veterinary supplies and treatment. Therefore all cash donations, unwanted tacks and grooming supplies are greatly appreciated and assist the organization in performing their duty and saving horse lives.

“We will continue to support this cause and encourage others to get involved and help save the horses. The donation box will still be available at reception so if any our guests would like to make a donation this would be greatly appreciated. If you would like some more information on how to support this wonderful organization you are welcome to visit their Facebook page, Hole in the Wall horse project – collection group,” says Ronald Glasscoe, Hole in the Wall Holiday Village Resort Manager.

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