It’s Time to Go Outdoors and Explore!


We spend countless hours on the treadmills at the gym trying to keep our bodies in shape.  In order to keep the gym sessions interesting we sometimes adjust our playlists by adding a few upbeat songs to get us going and in the mood! Some people like to get an early start in the mornings by going to the gym before heading to work. Even though gyms are fully equipped with all the necessary machinery to help you improve your health and maintain your level of fitness. It’s always a good idea to have a variety of exercises such as hiking to spice up your fitness plan. So Instead of changing your playlist or gym class why not invest in a holiday with plenty of hiking trails?

Bushman’s Nek Berg and Trout Resort is located in the Southern Drakensberg just 37km from Underberg. It offers a selection of luxurious hotel rooms, self-catering apartments and log cabins.   Bushman’s Nek offers a variety of outdoor adventures such as hiking trails  and horse riding that will allow for you to go outdoors and explore some of Kwa-Zulu Natal’s spectacular scenery. Hiking is a healthy form of exercise that helps to strengthen the muscles and reduce the risks of heart related diseases. Fresh air and the smells of nature at Bushman’s Nek sounds like a peaceful break to enjoy.

The hiking trails at Bushman’s Nek are quite exciting and historic as some of them contain bushman paintings. Below is a list of hiking trails in and around the resort that will help to choose your path of direction.

“I would advise guests to carry sunblock with them, a hat, some food and water. A cell phone is always helpful in case of any emergencies that may arise during your hike. Make sure you are wearing the correct footwear and always check the weather forecast before setting out,” says Bradley Wylie, Bushman’s Nek Resort Manager.

Hiking Trails

Langalibalele Cave – 13km – 4.5 HOURS

A gradual climb backtracking on the Giants Cup trail with a lovely view on the way.  This is a large cave with beautiful faded bushman paintings.

Mystery Cave – 19km – 7 HOURS

A lovely walk in the Ngwagwane valley passing twin pools and three generations of bushman’s painting’s discovered in the recent decade.

Viewpoint Cave – 3.5km – 3 HOURS

This is a steep climb approximately 200m above the hotel with a stunning view of the hotel and the berg range.

Bushmans Pool – 10km – 3 HOURS

Lovely walk in the Bushman’s valley, the path is mostly level and the pool is deep with an overhang.

Surprise Pool – 13.5km – 4.5 HOURS

This is an easy walk through the Bushman’s valley (passes Bushman’s pool & halfway cave).  Fantastic views on route to a large pool & a waterfall.

Thomathu Cave – 6.5km – 6.5 HOURS

A large cave that is approximately 60m high situated on the Thomathu ridge.


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