Qwantani Berg and Bush Resort Hosts Local Charity



Qwantani Berg and Bush Resort recently hosted a non-profit organisation, Children of the Dawn. On Tuesday, 3 December 2013, about one hundred and ten children from the organisation arrived at the resort and were greeted by Resort Manager, Gerhard van den Heever, and the on-site management team. Qwantani Bush and Berg Resort is managed by one of South Africa’s largest resort management companies, First Resorts.

Upon arrival, the children were handed a plate of eats and introduced to the resort mascot, Fred First. Thereafter they participated in various indoor games which had been prepared by management. The Food and Beverage Department kindly prepared meals for the children which were served during the course of the day. Resort Manager, Gerhard van den Heever, took the children on a guided tour and showed them the resort’s nature conservation projects.




Children of the Dawn was established in support of communities that care for orphans affected by HIV/Aids. The objective of the organisation is to provide a foundation and offer a future to these children. With the help of South African sponsors and various associations, this organisation has been able to provide for and fulfill a whole spectrum of children’s needs such as education, moral grounding, community integration, health and safety. Children of the Dawn relies heavily on sponsors and donations to assist the children. It currently cares for about eight hundred and eighteen children from surrounding rural communities. The organisation would like to appeal to the public to assist either in the form of a donation or by sponsoring a child.

“Children of the Dawn is a wonderful non-profit organisation! We really enjoyed having all the children at the resort. It was a pleasure to spend the day with such well-behaved children. I would like to wish the organisation a Merry Christmas and may they continue to grow and touch the lives of the many orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa,” says Gerhard, Qwantani Resort Manager.


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