Margate Sands Resort Made Nitasha’s Dream Come True

Special Guests 21.11.2013 002 (5)Margate Sands Resort made Nitasha’s dream come true when they invited her family to visit the resort. Nitasha is a part of the Reach for a Dream foundation that aspires to fulfil the dreams of children fighting life threating illnesses. The organisation encourages children to use their dreams to fight their illnesses. When you are diagnosed with a life threating illness your dreams can easily slip away and hope can sometimes be lost. For that reason the most important aspect for the organization is to make the child’s dream a memorable experience. Margate Sands Resort was honoured to be a part of the Reach for a Dream foundation and to fulfil a child’s wish. Upon Nitasha’s arrival she was greeted by resort mascot, Fred First and taught the popular Fred dance. She was then escorted to her bedroom that had been neatly decorated with lots of love and care by the management of Margate Sands Resort. Little did Nitasha know what Margate Sands Resort really had in store for her because meeting Fred was just the beginning of her magical stay at the resort. 

Nitasha and her family were treated to a day of adventures at Orbi Gorge. Orbi Gorge is home to many species of birds and exquisite plants. It also offers adrenalin-inducing activities such as the wild swing and wild slide. During her stay at the resort Nitasha was treated to a facial and massage at Cell-beauty. The family were given vouchers to enjoy a lovely breakfast at Wimpy and dinner at Mugg n Bean, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Sadly the trip came to an end and it was time to bid farewell to our special Reach for a Dream guest. Margate Sands Resort hopes that Nitasha will remember them and treasure the time she had at the resort. We wish her all the best and hope that her all dreams come true!

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