Fred’s Visit To FDSA Velddrif

On the 21st of November Staff of Port Owen Marina resort and Fred stopped for a quick visit at FDSA Velddrif. Words cannot express the amount of excitement and happiness that the children felt as Fred began to hug and high-five them. Their faces lit up like rays of sunshine. Even though the visit was very short the children had a chance to meet and greet Fred and get excited for their next visit. Fred and the staff of have agreed to visit FDSA Velddriff once a month and give the children sweetie packets and teach them the popular Fred dance.


FDSA is a small non-profit organization that has a feeding scheme, youth centre, provides shelter and guidance for children. It provides over 400 meals to disadvantaged children and elderly people. FDSA’s mission is to alleviate poverty and break the cycle. This organization is one of the many that is trying to get rid of hunger and uplift the surrounding communities. What started with woman cooking meals in their own kitchens at home and distributing them has grown into a wonderful organization! We have the can the sponsors to thank who make generous donations year after year. Without their help FDSA would not be able to feed the hungry tummies in Velddrif. It is also because of the love and hard work that the volunteers, Flora, Dorothy, Sandra and Anna have put into the organization.

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