Midlands Saddle & Trout – Did you know?

Midlands Saddle and Trout

Once upon a time “The Midlands Saddle & Trout” resort was known as “Mountdragon”.  Passionate trainer, breeder and author, Major George Lwanowski, was the proud owner of this establishment. On the 13th of March 1907 Major George Lwanowski was born and raised in Lebiodha, Eastern Poland on his father’s farm. He attended Warsaw University, and graduated with a Master of Science degree in Agriculture, specializing in horse breeding.

Do you recognize the building in the back? Yes, thats Midlands.

His journey and love for horses began in 1951 when he journeyed to South Africa and bumped into Count Jankovich – Besan at the Royal show in Pietermaritzburg. Their friendship unravelled and led to Major George Lwanowski being offered the opportunity to visit his stud farm and to train a Lipizzaner. He spent numerous years training, grooming and preserving the horses’ beauty. He competed in show jumping, steeplechasing and dressage, winning the Dressage National Championships six times and was involved in judging dressage and riding classes.

Major George Lwanowski treasured his duty as Lipizzaner trainer and it is one of the motives that inspired him to develop an equestrian centre in Kyalami. Because of his training, ambition, blood, sweat and tears the famous National Lipizzaner team at Kyalami toured throughout South Africa. This team was the only Lipizzaner team, outside the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

In between travelling and training Major George Lwanowski managed to find the time to put pen to paper. He is the author of three beautifully written books “The White Stallions of Kyalami”, “The Grass is Greener” and “You and Your Horse”. The year 2007 was considered a memorable year for Major George Lwanowski because on his 100th birthday he was awarded full military honours as Colonel Lwanowski.

On retirement from the team he built Mountdragon now known as Midlands Saddle and Trout where he trained thoroughbred horses. On the 28th of May 2008 at age 101 Major George Lwanowski was laid to rest.

Photo 1
Major George Lwanowski

Let us now dwell on his passing, but instead celebrate his life, love for animals and passion for his duty to his dream.

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